R&D in archaeology? Yep.

Who is APAC and what do they do?

Meet APAC, they provide professional archaeological services to the private and commercial sectors. Established in 2004, the staff now have over 30 years of archaeological experience and have carried out a wide range of projects across England and Wales.

We were introduced to Neil Philips, Director at APAC, via Cooper Healy Accountants, an accountancy firm based in Merthyr Tydfill and Cardiff, to find out if we could qualify and make an R&D claim on their behalf.

Here’s how Neil and the team at APAC, received a corporation tax refund of £4,449.45.

How did you find out you qualify for R&D?

When APAC contacted us, they’d never heard of R&D Tax Relief. Neil explained,

“This all came as a surprise; I’d never heard of R & D and didn’t know it existed. I received a cold call from someone saying I might qualify for R&D (not Radish), and it all sounded too good to be true. So, I contacted my accountant.

My accountant put me straight in contact with Radish which gave me more confidence. You cost less than the cold caller people as well!”

The ball was now rolling.

What was the process to claim?

We asked Neil how he found the Radish claim process, here’s what he had to say:

“You were friendly, helped me understand what I needed to understand and really easy to deal with.

The process was efficient, although it didn’t really feel like a process, it only took a small amount of my time.  I had an hour phone call with Tim, an R&D Tax Specialist at Radish, where I answered a series of questions about our business projects – that’s all. Once all the information was extracted, it was over to Radish and my Accountant.”

How much did APAC receive?

We were delighted to secure a corporation tax refund of £4,449.45 for APAC, bringing cash back into their business to achieve their goals. When we caught up with Neil, he already had plans for the cash,

“The R&D claim has helped with cash flow and I’m now planning to spend the money on advertising.

 I would absolutely recommend Radish….except not to my competitors, I wouldn’t want to share the advantage!”

Another happy client. 😊


Use this link to book in a 15-minute scoping call with one of our consultants. If you qualify, you can then book in to complete the rest of the information online in a 45-minute consultation. One hour of your time, that’s it 😊 .