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Start your claim with Radish

We’ve made claiming for R&D tax relief as straightforward as possible.

To get started, you’ll have a quick 30-minute call, with one of the team where they will calculate, one, if you qualify and, two, how much cash you’re going to get back. Don’t worry, it’s on us to ask the necessary questions. If you qualify, nice one!

We will schedule a slightly more in-depth consultation – around 45 minutes – to collect all the information we need to put the claim together for you. It’s really that simple. We make the claim to HMRC on your behalf and then the cash hits your bank.


Step 1

are you eligible?


Are you eligible?

Contact us for a 30-minute call to find out if you are eligible to make an R&D claim and estimate the cash value of your claim.


Step 2


Calculate your refund

In 45 minutes – answer a series of questions about your business activities and the amount you have spent, to find out how much cash you are owed by HMRC.


Step 3



Submit your claim

We’ll provide you with a robust report and guidance on filing your tax return. You will usually receive the cash from HMRC within 4 weeks.

To get started, book a 30-minute call with our team to confirm you are eligible.