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Why make your R&D tax claim with Radish?

Maximum claim

We’ll make sure you maximise the R&D tax relief your business innovations have earned.

We’re business owners like you

Work with R&D tax specialists that are like you, business owners.

Created for SMEs

We are an SME R&D tax claim service created by SMEs, for SMEs.

Real tax expertise

With Radish you can access experienced R&D tax expertise, who understand your business needs too, at a fraction of the cost.

Friendly team

Our friendly team will guide you through the full process, breaking everything down so you understand what is happening along the way.

Cash back

We have no upfront costs & we only get paid, when you get the cash back in your bank.

Just 1 hour and 15 minutes

We only ask for 1 hour and 15 minutes of your time – 30 minutes to determine if you are eligible & 45 minutes to gather the information we need to make the claim.

We’ll handle HMRC

It’s your R&D tax claim but leave it to us to handle HMRC – we’ll make sure you have everything prepared to make your claim. 

No upfront costs

With no upfront costs, we only get paid, when you get paid.


We work closely with SME UK accountants and their clients

Clear fees

Our fees are low cost and completely transparent, 5% of your qualifying R&D costs – no additional hidden costs.

Find out if you could make a claim, book a 30-minute call with our team.