We even do R&D on ourselves!

Meet my fellow Radish Co-Founder Gwil; together we run Radish Tax. But that’s not all we do together. We dance, we share shoes – if you follow me on LinkedIn/Twitter this would make a lot more sense 😁 – and we’re also Co-Founders of a tax diagnostic software business called Diagnostax and guess what? We do their R&D claim because we only like to work with the best! 😜

So, here’s a very open account of what it’s like making a R&D claim with Radish straight from the horse’s mouth…sorry Gwil’s. You’ll find out a little bit more about what they do, how they were eligible to make a claim worth £128K to the business & what it’s like dealing with me!

TIM @ RADISH: Tell us about Diagnostax, Gwil.

Gwil: “Well, at Diagnostax we have a vision, to make tax advice accessible to all who need it. We want to empower advisors to know more, do more and be more for their clients by providing valuable tax advice to those owner managed businesses and individuals who most need it.

We do this by building pioneering technology that enables advisors to more accurately interpret a client’s tax situation; giving them more time to consistently deliver valuable tax advice to their clients.

Radish are actually part of Diagnostax. And anyone who becomes part of, or partners with us, needs to be human, personable, progressive, commercial, non-compete, independent business owners – like Tim!”

TIM @ RADISH: Before we got started, did you feel confident Diagnostax were eligible?

Gwil: “Well this was our first claim and we knew we needed to make a claim for R&D. With a mission like, “to simplify the tax advisory process using technology, so that advisors have more time to consistently deliver valuable tax advice” – we obviously knew we had qualifying activity.

TIM @ RADISH: How is Diagnostax eligible to make an R&D claim?

“Well, we’re developing software to takes a client’s personal and financial situation, diagnosing all their tax advisory needs, tax saving opportunities and available tax reliefs, now and for the future – so as you can imagine, we are eligible across a number of different areas: software and web application development, improving business processes, as well as developing new products and services.

Tim guided us through the full process, bringing the little things to our attention that it’s easy to overlook or not include  – the good thing is, I knew I could trust Tim…I mean you.

And the best bit is, as long as we continue to develop our product and bring new services to the table, we can claim again next year, and the year after that!”

TIM @ RADISH: What was it like making a claim me and the team, go on you can be brutal!?

“Well we’ve got a business relationship haven’t we, and I knew I could trust you from the other businesses we work in together. I know you’re a sound guy, no ego and most importantly, I know you know your shit.

The process to make the claim, was so straightforward and required very little of my time at all. First, we had a very quick 15-minute chat to confirm we agreed Diagnostax had R & D. Then we booked in an hour together, where you basically extracted everything you needed from my head! That was it from me. Then, the next thing I knew we got our cash injection.

Tim also showed me how he could make sure we maximise future claims for Diagnostax which helps massively for business planning – this is where I feel Tim is at a real advantage, as a business owner he totally gets where I am coming from.

I know we work together, and you could say I am biased, but I genuinely wouldn’t change anything. Radish does exactly what it says on the tin, that’s rare nowadays. Businesses and people rarely do what they say they will. Radish does.”

TIM @ RADISH: How will the money we have acquired for Diagnostax help the business?

Gwil: “Well as you know, in so many ways! It’s going to fund our future development of the software, help with cashflow, meaning we don’t have to chase funding.

But more than anything it’s going to enable us to better plan projects and the people we include in those projects as we now have the knowledge of how much of their time can be claimed for.”

Give us a go

Use this link to book in a 15-minute scoping call with me. If you qualify, you can then book in for a 45-minute consultation call with me, where I’ll gather the info I need.

I’ll only take one hour of your time, that’s it…