A Super R&D Claim with Keating Supercars

Having been in engineering for 30 years now – for Tony Keating – engineering has always been in his blood. Coming from a background of automotive & heavy plant engineering, Tony started out by building his own car, this then escalated into cars for other people, until it became a full-on business working with some of the smartest people in the industry, building bespoke supercars that are quite spectacular.

“We’re not like any other supercar brand. Someone who buys one of our cars, gets involved, the cars are completely bespoke. What makes us really stand out is, we’ve always, only ever been supercar builders, from day one. That is quite rare.”

Tony Keating – CEO Keating Supercars

We met with Tony Keating, CEO of Keating Supercars, to find out a little more about what they do, and how they came to discover an incredible £205,645.63 of qualifying R&D expenditure across the year ends of 2017 & 2018. But first…

How are Keating Supercars eligible for R&D Tax Relief?

“Well, we’re currently developing the world’s fastest production supercar and practically everything that we do is research & development, so we did always think we could probably claim but our accountant said we wouldn’t be eligible.

That said, Tim reached out to us from Radish, and after a visit to the site to find out a little more about what we do, he was able to confirm we could in fact make a claim.”

How was your experience making a claim with Radish?

“Tim dealt with my accountant directly, meaning very little of my time was needed, other than coming to see what we do, to clarify that yes, what we are doing is definitely research & development.

The staff are friendly, easy to deal with and the hard work was completely on them, not us. This was important because I didn’t want one of the engineers’ time, to be taken up gathering information.

Oh and they’ll secure you’re money!”

How much did Keating Supercars save?

“With Radish we secured, at total of £205,645.63 qualifying R&D expenditure for claim periods of 2017 and 2018.”

How has this cash helped your business?

“For us, each individual step of the design, build, manufacturing journey is important. We are a small company and any money back gets pushed back into the chain, moving us closer to our record run cars.

Also, for any money that put into development, you don’t see the results until you go into production, so any money back that helps with cashflow is fantastic, especially for a small business like us.”

What would you say to someone who hasn’t looked into R&D?

“It’s your money, you need it to reinvest back into your company.”

What’s next for Keating Supercars?

“We’re continuing to build and design world record cars. It’s so exciting, we’ve done it before and everyone jumps onboard, pushing our engineering capabilities to the max.

But next we’re getting involved with hybrid, our guys are constantly learning and getting involved in this area, so we’ve got a couple of new hybrid cars coming out soon.

Let’s look at us in 50 years’ time & see where we are….”

Think you could be eligible?

Use this link to book in a 15-minute scoping call with one of our consultants. If you qualify, you can then book in to complete the rest of the information online in a 45-minute consultation.

One hour of your time, that’s it 😊